Saturday, December 17, 2011


assalamualaikum to my dearest peepers :') . seems i busy and dont have time lately, i rarely update my blog . sorry guys bout that. while i'm typing this entry actually my tears are falling down non-stop. what happen to me ? why ?

here's the answers :

i currently in the world of sadness.

i'm alone in the guest room typing this very slow and silently. no one in this room either my brother or my sisters here.

i still remember the first we say 'HI' to each other. i still remember you're laughing,smiling and hey know what, you got a lips like jake gyllenhaal ! hrr,yeah you already knew it. still remember the day that we skyping till 5am. i still remember the way that you're frigtened and wrapped your head with the teddy blanket when i told you a story bout ghost hehe #me bad. i still
remember that you said we have many same characteristic about the fav colours, fav songs, love reading, scared of darkness, scared of blood. hehe :') and i still remember that you said goodbye to me. and that time i think it was the day that changed my life from someone that hyper to someone that very weak and full of tears :'(

i really miss you buddy! #scream out loud !

last night you was calling me at 9:08pm. that time i was liked, OH MY GOD ! is this real or i'm dreaming ? i picked up the phone quickly and i heard your voice on the phone. you asked me how i'm now , ami doing fine and what i'm doing . even you make it a short call but it is very means to me. i knew that you're weak now, but i want you to know that i always give you a supports even you stay miles and miles far from me.

#birthday dia dah lepas act. 17 september. salah tengok bulan.hewhew :3

#click it to read more clearly

i am touched when reading excerpts from my sister on her blog. thank you Nana <3

thanks to Nana, Syairah Daisy and Zakwan the Taiko Badang for the supportive all this while. i really really appreciate that.
lastly, i just wanna say this while i got guts to tell you that ILoveYou captain! and be tough my dear taiko. :'D

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