Friday, October 29, 2010


yaww ! so long not open my blog . today i got history and arabic exam . it make me feel 'giddy' ! i answer the arabic paper simultaneously i'm crying ! it so hard ! OMG !! i don't know what i get for the paper. . :'( . btw ,, when i don't know to answer the question i'll imitate my friend .. HAHA.. p/s: dont follow my bad habit yah !

science paper 2 also difficult .. but i try to get the answer by myself . haa .. feel like my brain gonna explode . HOHO ^^ .. i hope that next year i'll get in 3kaa. i wanna go back to KAA again . btw,, KAA mean Kelas Aliran Agama (religion class) .

just now MUZ call me 'gembeng'(love to cry) b'coz i cry while answer the arabic paper. . HAHA. i'm not 'gembeng' ! i'm so afraid what mark will i get ? huh !
i target 7A's for my final exam this year . i hope so !

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